Research Topics

† Modeling and Applications

  • CO2 Sequestration Modeling
    • Long term storage evaluation in saline aquifers
    • Geochemical and physical (hysteretic capillarity and relative permeability) trapping
    • Case studies: CO2 injection into Cranfield and Bravo Dome fields
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Modeling
    • Chemical enhanced oil recovery: alkali, surfactant, polymer
    • Gas flooding: CO2, N2 + flue gases
    • Foam flooding
    • Phase behavior models: chemical and gas flooding
    • Field scale studies using parallel simulations
  • Fractured Reservoir Modeling
    • Phase-field modeling for hydraulic fracture propagation
    • Coupled flow and geomechanics modeling for fractured reservoirs
    • Integrated toolset for fractured reservoir management
  • Melt Migration
    • Multiphase Darcy-Stokes flow
    • Robust numerical algorithms

† Optimization, Data Assimilation, and Uncertainty Quantification

  • Multidimensional scaling, clustering, model selection, and parameterization
  • Stochastic collocation and Monte Carlo methods
  • Bayesian model comparison and model averaging
  • Production optimization and control
  • Reservoir history matching with parameter estimation using parallel ensemble-based workflow
  • Integration of time-lapse (4D) seismic and geomechanical data into reservoir models