Subsurface Modeling Software
CMG Commerical S/W. Contact Computer Modelling Group (CMG) for obtaining the permission to use.
IPACS Integrated Parallel Accurate Crack Simulator.
Developed by the Center for Subsurface Modeling (CSM) at the UT Austin.
Available only to authorized users in the CSM.
IPARS Integrated Parallel Accurate Reservoir Simulator.
Developed by the Center for Subsurface Modeling (CSM) at the UT Austin.
Available only to authorized users in the CSM.
IRMS Integrated Reservoir Management System.
Reservoir Model Optimizer using Global- or Multi-objective evolutionary optimization algorithms.
Developed by Baehyun Min. Currently, availabe only to users authrized from Baehyun Min
MODFLOW 3D FDM based groundwater model. Developed by USGS. link
MRST The Matlab Reservoir Simulation Toolbox. Developed by SINTEF.
As of Dec. 2015, MRST can be downloaded under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).
SGeMS Stanford Geostatistical Modeling Software. Developed by Stanford University. link
SLB Commerical S/W. Contact Schlumberger (SLB) for obtaining the permission to use.
tNavigator Commerical S/W. Contact Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) for obtaining the permission to use.
TOUGH Academic and/or commerical S/W. Contact Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LNBL). link
Benchmark Reservoir Models >
Brugge Currently, still held by TNO. Not available for third parties. link paper
EGG Model A synthetic reservoir model consisting of an ensemble of 101 relatively small 3D realizations of
a channelized reservoir produced under water flooding conditions with 8 water injectors and 4 producers. Developed by TU Delft
link paper
IC Fault Model The geological model consists of 6 layers of alternating good and poor quality sands.
Developed by Imperial College London.
link paper
Johansen The Johansen formation is a candidate site for large-scale CO2 storage offshore the south-west coast of Norway. link paper
Olympus Eclipse model generated by TNO for the ISAPP field development optimization challenge.
(fictitious field).
link paper
PUNQ-S3 Deltaic, coastal plain environment composed of 5 layers
(Channel fill, Lagoonal Shale, Channel Fill, Mouthbar, Channel Fill).
link paper
Sleipner Statoil, in conjunction with the Permedia Research Group, have prepared a Sleipner-based benchmark model using the uppermost CO2 unit: layer 9.
The aim of the benchmark model is to improve modelling tools and methods and our understanding of CO2 flow dynamics.
link paper
SPE10 The model has a simple geometry, with no top structure or faults.
The model consists of part of a Brent sequence.
The model was originally generated for use in the PUNQ project.
link paper
Training Images Some of the training images that are employed in the book entitled
"Multiple-point Geostatistics: Stochastic Modeling with Training Images", First Edition,
by Gregoire Mariethoz and Jef Caers, © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
They are presented both graphically and in ASCII format.
These images be used freely for research purposes.
Volve Starting in February 2008, the Volve production lasted for about eight years. At peak, the field produced 56,000 barrels per day, and a total of 63 million barrels of oil were produced before the field was shut down in 2016. The field was developed when the oil price was low, and an unconventional concept was chosen to recover the resources in an easy and profitable manner. The field data will now have a new life. The Volve licensees were ExxonMobil and Bayerngas.
As of June 2018, disclosed by Equinor.
link paper
Machine Learning Toolboxes
Under Construction
Multi-Objective Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms (MOEAs)
DS-MOEA MOEA integrated with Dynamic Goal Programming (DGP)
& Successive Linear Objective-Reduction (SLOR). Developed by Baehyun Min.
For downloading DS-MOEA, please Contact me.
NSGA-II Developed by Kanpur GA Lab in IIT (Deb et al., 2002). link paper
Borg MOEA Developed by David Hadka and Patrick Reed at the Pennsylvania State University. link paper
Benchmark Multi-Objective Problems (MOPs)
DTLZ / ZDT / WFG Density and approximations of mu-distribution for different testproblems link

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