CESE Dept. Colloquium

† Fall 2020

† Spring 2020

Fall 2019
9/4 Dr. Sookyung Kim
AI for Climate Science
9/25 Prof. Seok-Woo Son
Seoul National Univ.
Extratropical cyclones in East Asia
10/2 Dennis Kim (CEO)
EVS Inc.
Energy Storage Systems (Lecture in Korean)
10/2 Prof. Hana Kim
Sejong Univ.
The Relief of Other Local Governments’ Electricity Burden through Seoul's Water-saving Interventions
10/2 Prof. Seungnam Kim
Chung-ang Univ.
Urban Planning in the Era of Climate Change: A Compact City Theory (Lecture in Korean)
10/23 Prof. Jae-Heung Park
Climate Variability and Change
11/6 Dr. Taewoo Kim
Multi-phase Pipe Flow
11/13 Prof. Sang-Seo Park
Atmospheric Satellite Observation
11/20 Prof. Jaein Jeong
Seoul National Univ.
Aerosol - Climate
11/27 Prof. Sukyoung Lee
Pennsylvania State Univ.
Atmospheric Dynamics
12/4 Prof. Yoo-Geun Ham
Chonnam Ntl. Univ.

Spring 2019
3/13 Prof. Ijung Kim
Hongik Univ.
CO2 hydrate generation with silica nanoparticles
3/27 Dr. Sung-Min Kim
Korea Meteor. Institute
Effect of observation error variance adjustment on NWP using forecast sensitivity to error covariance parameters
4/3 Dr. Hyunchul Yoon
Ewha Womans Univ.
Geomechanical Issues for Unconventional Oil & Gas and CCS technology
4/10 Dr. Seonyoung Park
Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Satellite based drought monitoring and prediction using Machine learning approaches
4/17 Dr. Taehong Kim
Hanyang Univ.
Understanding shale gas development: current status and future challenges
4/24 Prof. Jooyoung Park
Korea Univ.
Managing carbon, water, and materials for sustainable development
5/1 Prof. Junshik Um
Pusan Ntl. Univ.
5/8 Dr. Seungmin Oh
Max Plank Institute
5/15 Prof. Yutian Wu
Columbia Univ.
5/22 Dr. Sungkyu Joo
Ntl. Research Council of Sci. and Tech.
5/29 Prof. Jeong-Hoon Kim
Seoul Ntl. Univ.
6/12 Dr. Dohyeong Kim
Ntl. Meteor. Satellite Center

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